Lincoln Electric Automation’s products have continually set the bar for die lubrication and cooling performance. Whether you require a simple hand spray wand, or a fully automated robotic spray system, our solutions are easy to set up, simple to understand, and have withstood the test of time. With standard off-the-shelf spray products and custom-engineered solutions, we can satisfy the most stringent flow and cycle time requirements. Our spray options include Minimum Quantity Lube (MQL), Micro Spray, High Intensity, and Programmable Pulse atomizers adaptable to your unique application.

Reciprocators & Spray Robots

With over 2,200 units in the field, the Rimrock 410 single-axis reciprocator is a proven solution for automated die spray. Lincoln Electric Automation’s full lineup of robotic spray solutions ensures precise die coverage and superior flexibility.




Atomizers / Nozzles

Our 0X4 atomizers provide consistent control over lube and air flow to help improve part quality and casting consistency. A wide variety of atomizer sizes and options are offered to suit any application.




Our manifolds help reduce cycle time and lube usage by precisely spraying lube where it is needed. Manifolds can be designed to fit any robot or spray reciprocator.



Spray Guns / Wands

We have been manufacturing handheld spray guns since 1958. Our spray gun line is diversified to accommodate heavy to light viscosity liquids.



Pulsed Spray

Our eNozzle® pulsed spray technology provides industry-leading output control and quick setup and operation.



Lube Mixing & Delivery

Our lube mixing and delivery systems are designed to work with synthetic or graphite lubes. The ratio of water to lube can be diluted from 1:1 to 99:1. Our Lincoln Electric Automation’s Auto Water Purge system for graphite lubes returns lube back to the lube reservoir, and water purges the nozzles.