Die Casting

A trusted leader in the die casting industry, Lincoln Electric Automation offers Rimrock® products that help increase die casting production quality, speed, and consistency.


Ask our skilled team of engineers about our rugged lineup of atomizers, manifolds, Rimrock mechanized reciprocators, and fully integrated robotic solutions to suit your die casting spray application.

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Mechanized Ladling

Lincoln Electric Automation supplies Rimrock mechanized ladling equipment. Contact us today to receive a full list of product offerings including the Rimrock 305, Rimrock 405, and more!

Material Handling Cobots

Lincoln Electric Automation offers custom turnkey collaborative robotic systems that complete material handling processes in a safe work environment.

Robotic Ladling

Rimrock 6th-Axis and 7th Axis Ladle end-of-arm toolings attach to a robot arm to help offer more versatile ladling capabilities.

Part Extract

Ask us how our material handling end-of-arm tooling grippers can help improve your manufacturing process during the cooling and trimming stages.

Part Finishing

Our automated end-of-arm tooling solutions also help increase throughput of your manufacturing processes in light deburring to heavy sawing, sanding, and polishing.