Rimrock is Now Lincoln Electric Automation

Rimrock is Now Lincoln Electric Automation™!

Rimrock has officially become Lincoln Electric Automation! This consolidation, effective January 1, 2021, allows us to enhance our services and expand our automated cutting and joining capabilities as a single, dedicated business unit.

What is Not Changing?
From a day-to-day ordering and operations perspective, ordering processes will not change. Points of contact for our Purchasing, Sales, Project Management, Quoting, and General Management teams will also not change.

What is Changing?
Tax and Legal Documentation: Legal and commercial documentation issued by us will now refer to Lincoln Electric Automation, Inc. The Tax ID number for Lincoln Electric Automation, Inc. is 34-0922427.

Invoicing: Sales invoices will now reference Lincoln Electric Automation, Inc. and the applicable facility from which you are purchasing Lincoln Electric Automation solutions.

For more information on this consolidation, please contact your regional sales representative.